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Nodal Ninja R10 Panoramic Head for Google Business Views

If you are in one of the lucky countries in which Google has launched their Google Business Views initiative you can gear up with us. Sign up with Google to become one of their Google Trusted Photographers and start shooting Street View-like imagery of business interiors for Google Maps!

We provide a 10% discount for Google photographers. The discount only applies to Nodal Ninja Ultimate R10 (Google version). Ask your Google contact for a discount coupon. Limit 1 purchase per person.


Trusted by best 360 VR celebrities the field, including:
Stijn Algoet
Florian Frey
Alexandr Reznik
Jann Lipka
Florian Knorn
Michael Kolchesky
Jürgen Schrader
Zeljko Soletic
Susanne Reddig
Klaus Reinfeld
... and thousands of photographers like you.