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Horizon Leveling and Levels

Why is horizon leveling important? 

When you are shooting panoramas and your panoramic head or tripod is not level, the resulting panorama will not be aligned with the horizon. For spherical 360x180 panoramas this can be fixed on a computer but adds unnecessary work and if you are a typical panoramic photographer you will try to keep your computer time as short as possible. For any other kind of panoramas this misalignment cannot be fixed on a computer and/or will result in unnecessary cropping or degraded quality of your final panorama. In a case this misalignment happens in your panorama you essentially have two options: To crop the final photo and lose portions of image or keep the black parts in the image which doesn't look good. Our leveling products help you make sure you tripod and panoramic head is always level.

Example of an uncropped panorama with misaligned horizon (notice black portions of the image):

Example of a cropped panorama (the height of the final image is too small):


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