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Nodal Ninja 4 Panoramic Photography Head

Leave your options open for future growth! Nodal Ninja 4 is a Nodal Ninja 3's bigger and stronger companion

Nodal Ninja 4 spherical panoramic heads are bigger and stronger than the Series 3 and therefore they will fit bigger lenses and larger cameras. The upper rotator has locks for higher maximum load in your desired angle. Nodal Ninja 4 fits lenses up to approximately 100mm focal length.

Wondering which rotator to choose? See our Nodal Ninja Rotator guide.

Will your camera and lens fit? Nodal Ninja 4 supports these maximum lengths:

A - maximum 109 mm: distance from the lower flat surface of camera to lens axis (does not depend on lens used)
B - maximum 129 mm: distance from the beginning of lens to camera display

If used with the T-III eccentric adapter the maximum B size will increase by 22 mm. In that case you probably won't be able to turn the camera directly up as it will collide with the lower vertical rail of the panoramic head.

If your measured numbers exceed the maximums shown here you will most likely need Nodal Ninja Ultimate M. Nodal Ninja 5 is no longer in sale and has been replaced with Ultimate M series.


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