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Professional Nodal Ninja Ultimate M Modular Panoramic Head

You've seen the rest and now it's time to buy the best!

Ultimate M panoramic heads are designed for very high precision panoramic and gigapixel photography with repeatable results. They are equipped with Arca-Swiss quick mount modular system for easy assembly and upgrades. Strongest Nodal Ninja pano heads. Upper rotator lock stops. Maximum load 10kg. Compatible with telephoto lenses with up to 400mm focal length for portrait and up to 750mm focal length landscape oritentation. Suitable for high resolution landscape photography, gigapixel shoots, big commercial shoots and HDR photography.

Quick guide: M1-S (small) and M1-L (large) from wide angle to telephoto lenses up to 200 mm (depending on camera and lens size), M2 - from wide angle to telephoto lenses up to 700 mm including very heavy lenses. The new Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga is designed for best comfort of taking gigapixel and high resolution imagery.

Note: Camera plates are not included with Ultimate M series pano heads, you need to buy a plate for your camera


Trusted by best 360 VR celebrities the field, including:
Stijn Algoet
Florian Frey
Alexandr Reznik
Jann Lipka
Florian Knorn
Michael Kolchesky
Jürgen Schrader
Zeljko Soletic
Susanne Reddig
Klaus Reinfeld
... and thousands of photographers like you.