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Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1/R10 Miniature Panoramic Head With Lens Ring

If all you shoot are 360x180º virtual tours you've just found what you've been looking for

R1 and R10 implement a new concept for panoramic photography, recommended by Google and selected by NASA to take a virtual tour of the ISS (International Space Station). What you are looking at is a single row panoramic head designed for use with circular and full frame fisheye lenses. For them it is no longer needed to shoot multi-row panoramas which allowed an inception if this unique lightweight concept.


The R10 or an advanced R1?

R10 - The functionality of R10 vs R1 is very similar. R10 has a fixed tilt angle which you need to select during purchase. Then it is possible to For R10 the tilt is fixed.

R1 - The R1 is more versatile and it allows changing tilt on the fly. We recommend it in a case you will need to change lenses or if you need to change the tilt based on your scenario (e.g. exteriors vs interiors). The R1 incorporates a unique cantilever for different tilt under different applications and an integrated spirit level. 


Which rotator to use? You can use a Rotator Mini or an Advanced RD5

A rotator makes sure the panorama head horizontally rotates around its axis.

- NO ROTATOR: Useful if you already have a Nodal Ninja rotator or if you are planning to use the panorama head without a rotator, for example on a telescopic pole in which case you would rotate the whole pole without needing the upper rotator.

- Rotator Mini - Advantages: Very compact, light, you will save some money. Disadvantages: The click stop interval needs to be selected during purchase. It can be changed later only by purchasing a different detent ring and replacing it on the rotator.

- Advanced RD5 RotatorTop of the line CNC machined precision rotators with variable detent intervals. The number in the title determines the number of different detent options. Detent intervals can be changed on the fly by simply changing position of one of the blue detent knobs.


Very important: Remember to select the clamping ring

When you order the entire set with a ring the ring is included at no extra cost, but you must choose the type of lens, and accordingly do you pack your shipments correct clamping ring. Each lens has a different shape and therefore it is important to choose the correct one. We offer rings for almost all lenses that are used for panoramic photography.

Alternatively, you can buy a version of the panorama head without a ring and purchase a lens ring separately.


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