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Older, Refurbished, Used, Discounted or Discontinued

Factory Irregular (fir)

Get this discounted product while stock lasts! New and unused. Produced at low quantities at factory or the production has halted already. Bears a hidden "Factory Irregular" or "FIR" sign. Some of the units show minor signs of irregularity in the finish/coating which are usually very hard to find. Fully functional and with full 5 year warranty (2 years for poles and lenses) and with full money back guarantee as all other Nodal Ninja regular products.



This can be a demo unit and/or product exchange from customer. Can include fir units. We tested this product, cleaned it up, replaced all worn parts with new and made it completely functional as designed. It might show signs of wear or scratches. Price reflects the condition. The price reflect the state. Comes with the same parts as if you were buying a new product. Comes with full 5 year warranty (2 years for poles and lenses).


Begin Discontinued

Bargain discounts are available for Discontinued models. They are sold with 25%-75% discount off retail price (!). Price reflects the state. All of these items are new and never used. When the manufacturer discontinues an item further production on that item is halted. Once stock is depleted they will no longer be available for purchase. Price reflects the condition. Discontinued models come with 2 year warranty. 



Trusted by best 360 VR celebrities the field, including:
Stijn Algoet
Florian Frey
Alexandr Reznik
Jann Lipka
Florian Knorn
Michael Kolchesky
Jürgen Schrader
Zeljko Soletic
Susanne Reddig
Klaus Reinfeld
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