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Telescopic Carbon Fiber Aerial Monopod Poles for taking your panoramic photography to new heights

The poles we sell are durable, stackable, portable and great for taking aerial virtual tours, 360 photos above crowds of people and for reaching new points of view. with your 360 video cameras. Very useful for events, travel and professional 360 video and photography.

Suitable cameras: Anything from ultra compact to small DSLRs with built-in or interchangeable lenses to up to approximately 55 focal length.

Simply attach the camera or a panoramic head to the “thin end” of the pole and start shooting in any direction. Or attach the monopod to a regular tripod to gain an elevated view, or use a small tabletop tripod as foot, or attach a counter weight for a simplified steadycam setup, or attach the pole with a super clamp to a overhead structure, or extend the monopod with another pole, or or or… :)