Tripod Ball Heads

Tripod ball heads are ideal if you need to add tilt to your tripod, for example to level a horizon or to adjust tilt for creative reasons. For precise and fixed horizon leveling we recommend using an EZ Leveler instead of a ball head.

Weight Max load*
496RC2 0.42 kg 6 kg
498RC2 0.61 kg 8 kg
MH 054M0-Q6 0.7 kg 10 kg
MH 055M0-Q2 0.92 kg 12 kg
MH 055M0-Q5 1 kg 12 kg
MH 055M0-Q6 1 kg 12 kg

* The higher the maximum load, the less susceptible to "fading" the ball head is. The fading occurs when you work with a tripod ball head when using asymmetric load on the head. 

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