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2x Nodal Ninja Mecha E2 C1 + Parts for upgrading your NN6 to Dual Axis Mecha

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SKU F9908-2

Upgrade kit for your Nodal Ninja 6 to create a Dual axis pan tilt 360/VR panoramic head solution with full automation of both axis. Contains 2 Mecha E2 Rotators and 2 C1 Controllers which are wirelessly linked together, plus misc parts and screws to allow installing of the rotators on your NN6. Mecha motors are lightweight, quiet and power efficient.

The resulting bundle can be used as a single-axis horizontal rotator for single row shooting or you can use a dual-axis rotator for both horizontal and vertical movements. The Mecha E2 and C1 is modular in design, paving the way for future low-cost upgrade paths. You can shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images with this bundle. Includes Nadir Adapter for easier capture of the area below tripod to make the tripod disappear from a 360 photo.

For supported loads take a look at the attached specs (in the image).

Mecha E2 Rotator Features
  • Lower rotator supports 4kg, including panoramic head, strong enough for dual camera stereo setups
  • Upper rotator supports weights as per specifications image, don't forget to count both camera and lens
  • Compact and light weight for the load rating
  • Weight 645g
  • Dimensions 126 x 48 x 51 mm
Mecha Single Axis Controller C1 Features:
  • Supports one Mecha rotator.
  • Compact controller with built in battery and charger.
  • Two NCR18650GA 7.2v 3300mAh high capacity batteries.
  • WIFI remote control for smartphones, tablets, PCs by using simple web page interface.
  • Supports linking and controlling multiple controllers via WIFI, connection via a wifi access point, over the air firmware upgrade and remote control over the internet.
  • 3 buttons to run presets stored in the memory, which can be configured via the web page inteface.
  • 5 LEDs to indicate the remaing battery capacity.
  • CAM port with opto-isolated trigger for focus and shutter release.
  • Multipurpose AUX port (to be implemented with future firmware upgrade) for shutter confirmation, Radio Frequency Start/Stop remote trigger, wired Start/Stop trigger or IR remote emitter etc. 
  • 2x Nodal Ninja Mecha E2 Rotator
  • 2x Nodal Ninja Mecha C1 Controller
  • Misc parts toinstall the Mecha rotators and controllers on your NN6
  • 1.2m Long Shutter Release Cable for Dual-Axis Mecha 
  • Case
  • Misc.

Requires: This kit is only for users who already have the Nodal Ninja 6. Does not contain NN6 rails and parts. Works with NN6 with or without a Nadir Adapter.