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Get 30 EUR To Spend With New Panorama Head or Pole

(expired deal, the information on this page is for reference only)

Starts: October 31 2017
Expires: November 21 2017 (midnight CEST Prague Time)


  • Get 30 EUR to spend on any hardware on PanoSociety with a purchase of new panorama head or pole worth over 300 EUR
  • Get 15 EUR to spend on NodalNinja/Fanotec products with a purchase of new panorama head or pole worth from 150EUR to 300EUR


  • 1 per customer/household/company limit
  • Available to all countries where we deliver
  • Prices are with VAT. If you are purchasing without VAT, then values multiplied by 0.83 apply to you.
  • Original panohead or pole purchase cannot be using any discount code
  • To get the 30 or 15 EUR discount code contact our customer support 30 days after delivery of original purchase. Make sure you mention order number in your message. Our representative will respond to you with the discount code. No codes cannot be issued sooner than 30 days of original order delivery.
  • Issued 30 EUR coupons must be used in a single transaction of any hardware on PanoSociety of minimum value of 30 EUR and there is maximum of 150 coupons available.
  • Issued 15 EUR coupons must be used in a single transaction of any Nodal Ninja/Fanotec products on PanoSociety of minimum value of 15 EUR and there is maximum of 300 coupons available.
  • Resulting discount code is valid till January 31st 2018. If original order is returned then the discount code is void without any possible reimbruisment.
  • The discount code cannot be traded or exchanged for anything. Void if expired.
  • Void if you stated incorrect, false or misleading data in your order or any communication with us or if you breached our Terms.
  • We can change the rules or cancel this promotion any time without reason


Why purchase with us:

  • Trusted since 2011
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • 600+ kinds of products in stock
  • Widest selection of Nodal Ninja/Fanotec products in Europe
  • Most sophisticated Nodal Ninja/Fanotec store in EU
  • Authorised Dealer and Warranty Center
  • Top customer support
  • See all reasons for purchasing with us



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Trusted by best 360 VR celebrities the field, including:
Willy Kaemena, Stijn Algoet, Florian Frey, Alexandr Reznik, Jann Lipka, Florian Knorn, Michael Kolchesky, Jürgen Schrader, Zeljko Soletic, Susanne Reddig, Klaus Reinfeld, ... and thousands of VR photographers like you.