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Get completely new gear upon every renewal, always have the newest model.

This is not a monetary loan but a membership as a service. For a selected fee, we grant you that you can use the equipment for a specified time.

If your item doesn't work we'll send you a new unit.

Core Membership Benefits 

One simple fee, no loans, no debt
No ownership hassles
Replacement if item breaks Brand new model every renewal
Return anything or everything any time (conditions apply)
Borrow more items if needed
Clear tax effect (this is a service)
Clear simple cash flow
No hassle selling old and used gear
Easy gear upgrades


How The Service Works

  1. Choose any equipment from our listing (not public yet - see below)
  2. If you are not sure, contact our stellar customer support
  3. Get the items delivered to you and start using it
  4. In a case your equipment breaks or is lost we'll replace it (conditions apply)
  5. Order more equipment or return some any time
  6. Get newest model of your gear when your current rental period ends


Next Business Day Service Care

  1. We can fetch the product from you and get it delivered to us for repair or replacement in 24 hours
  2. We can send you a replacement to be delivered to you next business day 
  3. Our customer support is available every business day to assist
  4. Priority customer support for first 30 days after purchase
  5. Next business day service is available in selected countries and addresses in Europe, for all other countries and addresses we will use the fastest express shipping available both ways


Tom vs Martin

 Tom Martin (HAaS)
First Term Buys a panorama head
Gets a new panorama head
Second Term Still has the same head (signs of use) Gets a new panorama head
Third Term Still has the same head (heavy signs of use, scratches, lost accessories, end of warranty, thinking of upgrade...)
Gets a new panorama head

Be like Martin!



How to enroll in the program?
Initially we only allow a small group of vetted customers to participate. Contact us using the form below if you also want to participate. During the first weeks we will only allow a very limited number of customers on the first come - first served basis.

What should I do if the item gets damaged or stops working?
Contact us and we will organize a replacement. If the problem is a standard warranty issue this replacement will be at no cost to you.

Nodal Ninja has released a new model, when can I get it?
You will always need to finish your current rental term. You can however always start new rental term for another item and/or return your current item prematurely as per conditions in your agreement.

What happens with returned gear?
We either sell it as used or refurbish it and sell it as refurbished.

You have adjusted the prices in the store. Does it affect my rental?
Nothing changes for the duration of your current rental, no matter if we raise or lower the price in the store. What you can do is to get a new item, however, to immediately take advantage of the new pricing.

What is the verification process to enter the program?
You must be of legal age in your country or an established entrepreneur or company. You must also send us correct information during the application process. If your account is approved for renting by our scoring system you can immediately start borrowing gear. New accounts might be limited to certain amount limit and fair usage policy.

Can I get rejected from the rental program?
Yes, for various reasons, determined by our scoring system. We cannot share these reasons. If you are rejected you are still welcome to purchase the gear from our store.

In which countries is the rental program available?
All countries in the world except USA and Canada. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requests or questions. Note that we cannot offer this program to customers in USA or Canada.  




Currently the HAaS program is available for selected few of our customers and there is a waiting queue. If you are also interested we ask you to contact us and we will add you to the queue. You will increase your chances of being selected early if you also mention your reasons why you want to be in the HAaS program. Stating good reasons will allow you to skip the queue.

- email: info (at)
- or contact us using the contact button in the bottom corner of this page
Include in your message (IMPORTANT):
1. Your name and your country
2. Why you want to use HAaS


We have served many great customers, companies and institutions including:
Many universities including Charles University, Czech Technical University, Design Academy Berlin; Czech government insitutions including several departments of Czech Police and Financial Directorate, Czech media companies including Czech TV and Czech Radio, Europe's top movie and VR movie companies, Hundreds of photography and VR production companies, High-profile marketing agencies, and of museums, schools, non-profits, ...

Trusted by best 360 VR celebrities the field, including:
Willy Kaemena, Stijn Algoet, Florian Frey, Alexandr Reznik, Jann Lipka, Florian Knorn, Michael Kolchesky, Jürgen Schrader, Zeljko Soletic, Susanne Reddig, Klaus Reinfeld, ... and thousands of VR photographers like you.