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Introducing PanoSociety Community

Introducing PanoSociety Community

We are introducing the new PanoSociety Influencer Community welcome you to be a part of it as one of the fist founding members. 

In today's fast-changing world it's you, our customers, who are our true marketing team. The Community is a way for you to get rewarded for your efforts.

PanoSociety Community Launch Offer: If you are our existing customer with at least one order you will automatically get 10 EUR for your next purchase if you join the Community. Applies to orders over 100 EUR. Expires end of May, 2022. Prices without VAT and without shipping.

The PanoSociety Community supports two things from the start: The Give 10 EUR, get 10 EUR program, and there is a special tier for influencers and creators with social media following or websites.

Give €10 Get €10

The first part of the community is the friend referral program. When your friends places an order using your unique code they will get 10 EUR off their next purchase, and you will receive 10 EUR off your next order. Win/Win.

PanoSociety Community for Influencers and Creators

If you are a creator or an influencer with a social media following, website with relevant traffic or an access to panoramic photography / VR community, contact us for influencer terms and benefits.
(we will need to manually approve you)

Join Us in the Community

We thank you for your continued support and welcome you to be a part of our community.

Next steps you have to do:

PS Let us know if we missed anything, if there are any glitches, typos, etc. We are moving fast and thank you so much for being with us.

PPS The PanoSociety Community is replacing the old PanoSociety Affiliate Program effective immediately.
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