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What are PanoSociety Used items?

PanoSociety Used is program for responsible repair, reuse, resale, upcycle and recycle of Nodal Ninja / Fanotec products. Customers can use PanoSociety Used program to extend the life cycle of products. The products you purchase may vary slightly from what is shown in the picture, the functinality and usability is however guaranteed as per product description.


Why buy used?

Reusing is not just good for your wallet but also for the environment. The production of new piece of equipment requires using natural resources. Buying used gear means less new items have to be made, reducing waste, water usage and CO2 footprint.


Where do used products come from?

Used products sold by PanoSociety come from drawers, garages and closets. They can be put in good use instead of collecting dust or ending up in waste. They are functionally 100% perfect but may have visual flaws and show signs of use and wear & tear. We carefully inspect and if needed repair all incoming used products to make sure they up to our standards. Finding purpose for these used products is better than producing and producing and buying lesser-quality products. Instead customers of PanoSociety can use the higher-quality Nodal Ninja/Fanotec used products while reducing the amount of waste produced.


Doesn't shipping of used products affect the environment?

We are aware of environmental impacts of shipping. We however believe that the savings and benefits of keeping a product in good use (even if it means shipping it) outweigh the negative impact of producing a new product. We encourage you to use our cheapest and slowest shipping option when ordering Used products as that is the shipping option designed to have the least impact on the environment. Used products ship in 3-4 business days after receiving your order.


What if I can't find a product I am looking for

We source great-quality used gear from customers. Because our inventory is always changing please check back again for a chance of finding something new.



How does trade in work

We accept Nodal Ninja / Fanotec gear that is 100% functional and is in good working condition. We will issue a store credit of up to 100 EUR (VAT excl.) for each item you send in. You can use that credit on any new or used item at panosociety.com.


What we accept for buying in

We currently accept most Nodal Ninja / Fanotec gear with these exceptions: We don't buy Mecha products, Poles, Guy wire reels, lenses, 3rd party (non Nodal Ninja/Fanotec) items, or any items that are damaged, overused, that have missing parts, or that cannot be used for their original intent. If you have a product that is missing a minor part or needs repair please consider contacting our Repair Center before trading it in.


Values offered for traded in items

Please expect to be credited with around 25-50% of current retail value when sending items for trading in. Any repair costs and replacement parts costs will be deducted from the value of the item. We understand that this reward might seem low and we encourage you to sell locally if you can. Our PanoSociety Used program is intended for used items that would otherwise sit unused in a drawer or would be thrown away and hence lessening the burden put on our environment and the Planet.

For transparency, this is our breakup of our associated costs:
* Profit that will be awarded to you
* Handling of traded in items
* Careful inspection, maintenance and cleaning costs
* Taking photos and putting up a store listing costs
* E-Commerce running costs
* E-Commerce transactions costs
* Insurance and warehouse storage costs
* Outgoing shipping and handling costs (we always try to use used boxes when sending Used items)
* Warranty, consumer protection/returns and related laws costs
* Customer support costs
* Operating taxes and related expenses, VAT

If you are not sure what value you would receive upon sending traded in items we encourage you to contact us before sending your items for trade in.


Can I trade in products that were purchased as Used?

Yes. If you can't no longer find use for your Used product you can send it in if it's still eligible for a trade in.


How can I send the product for trade in?

We would like to avoid unnecessary shipments and unnecessary impact for the environment as much as possible. Therefore we would like to ask you to contact us with your exact address and package weight before sending these items in. We will then reply with the best and most environment friendly way of delivering the package to us and we will send you a shipping label if possible. Please try using an used/old packaging for sending products in.


Send in products for recycling, upcycling or repurposing

You can also send your product to be simply recycled or repurposed without any credit asked. To do that simply add a note in the package. We will put your used gear to a good use and/or give it a new purpose, or "upcycle" them. That way you will help reduce the environmental impact in a case somebody finds a good use for that item, sparing them from having to buy a new item. For parts that cannot be used we will recycle them properly as per laws and regulations.


What is the required condition of the items to be traded in?

We would like to receive products that will be of good use to someone, not your box of dirty and broken unsorted misc parts. Please try to clean your items before sending them, and show them some love by organizing them neatly in the box. This will help us process incoming packages faster. We clean everything that is received, plus we replace minor missing parts but if your products needs replacing some bigger parts, knobs, or needs repair, we will have to reduce the cost of repair from your credit, or if not cost effective we will have to recycle the received products entirely. To avoid the impact on the environment please don't send us product that you know are not eligible for the Used program.


How does the evaluation of products work?

Please note that we only accept eligible Nodal Ninja / Fanotec products that are in 100% working condition. Items that are not eligible will not receive any credit and will not be returned! Items that are not original Nodal Ninja / Fanotec products are not eligible. Please contact us before sending items in for a consultation of the value you would receive.


Will I receive credit for all items I send to you?

NO. It is very important for you to understand that we don't accept everything. The items have to be 100% functional for them to be eligible in our Used program. To minimize shipping we will not return any gear that does not receive any credit. Please contact us prior to sending items if you have any questions.


What happens if I receive less credit than expected?

Please read the information on this page carefully before sending us your equipment to understand the trade in value we offer (usually 25-50% of retail value). Unfortunately products that are not accepted or need repair that exceeds the cost of the trade in value will not receive any credit, and we will not be able to return the product. Our program is designed to protect the environment and to extend life of used functional gear that would otherwise be thrown away so please be sure to send us only items that you are comfortable with never seeing again.


Will you return items that received no credit?

Unfortunately, no. Please give a very good thought into what you send us to make sure it is eligible for trading in. We will not send ineligible items due to the impact to the environment. We will recycle or repurpose any Nodal Ninja / Fanotec item (or parts of it) that cannot be put back to sale and you will know that your Nodal Ninja / Fanotec product did not end up in common trash.


How can I use received credit?

You can use the credit for any purchase on panosociety.com.


Where is the program available?

The trade in program is available worldwide, however we would encourage you to consider the impact on the environment if you plan to trade in from a remote location. We are based in Prague, Czechia, Europe. For remote areas please try to sell locally first.


Import and export fees

For all incoming parcels from outside of the EU free trade area the sender will be responsible for import fees and taxes. For shipping used gear to outside the EU free trade area the recipient will be responsible for all import customs fees and taxes as per our general Terms.



The idea behind PanoSociety Used products is reducing the impact on the environment, reusing and avoiding over-consuming. The seller warranty on Used products is 12 months. If you are not happy with your purchase please return it as per our Terms. Maximum of 1 unit sold per customer is allowed, as it is usually only 1 item of that item kind we have for sale. The Used offer is not intended for reselling as it would go against our primary purpose of reducing environmental impact. Besides these Terms our standard Terms apply.


Browse Used Products

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