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Bushman Panoramic 360 Bundle V2

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skladová jednotka BMB2

The new improved Bushman Panoramic Monopod V2 was designed for 360 cameras. This 360 Bundle V2 has a complete solution for your 360 shooting in one box.


This Special Bundle Includes 10 Matching Accessories

1 x Bushman Monopod v2 (pole + counterweight + tripod)

The extension mechanism now has 5 sections so it can be folded to 39cm and extended to 154cm. The included 400g removable counterweight and a larger more robust tripod with 2 adjustable leg positions adds stability when standing alone on the ground even on surfaces that are not precisely level. Features black anodized aluminium and 1/4" male threaded stud on top.

- 5 sections
- 2 positions of the tripod adjustable legs
- 400g supplied counterweight
- contracted height of the combo: 39.5cm
- extended height of the combo: 166cm (including counterweight and tripod)
- extended height of the monopod: 154cm
- tube diameters: 22mm, 19mm, 16mm, 13mm, 10mm
- 1/4" male threaded stud on top
- 1/4" female threaded hole at the bottom
- vertical load: 3kg
- horizontal load: up to 2kg
- weight: 930g 


1 x Extra Counterweight CW1

- weight: 300g


1 x Popeye 

maximum pull force 45kg
ideal for Bushman Monopod length
weight: 260g
diameter: 9 cm
temperature limit 75°C


1 x Monkey Clamp

- maximum jaw opening: 40mm
- dimensions: 50 x 60 x 18mm
- rubber protection


1 x Ground Spike

- length: 12cm
- 1/4″ and 3/8″
- max load: 3kg
- material: aluminum


1 x 1/4″ Adaptor

- length: 55mm
- 1/4″ male on the top
- 1/4″ female on the bottom
- material: aluminum


1 x 1/4″ camera holder

- 1/4″ camera screw to hold the strap.


1 x Bushman Panoramic Lanyard

- neck strap