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Nodal Ninja 3 MK3 E1 C2 Mecha with Nadir Adapter - Dual Axis Robotic Panoramic Head

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441.74 €
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This is the new Mecha with a new dedicated dual axis C2 controller and E1 motor as the upper and lower rotator.

This bundle can be used as a single-axis horizontal rotator for single row shooting or you can use a dual-axis rotator for both horizontal and vertical movements. 

Includes Nadir Adapter for easier capture of the area below tripod to make the tripod disappear from a 360 photo.

You can shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images with this bundle.

This setup supports a camera/lens up to 2 kg and a turning torque of 16 kg-cm. NPP adjustment is up to 110mm from the pivot point. It is ideal for mirror-less, compact and lighter DSLR cameras. Shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images.

Important: Long Remote Shutter Release Cable (not included)

The cable ensures camera triggering and focus lock. Any camera supporting a wired remote shutter release cable is compatible with MECHA. The CAM port on the Mecha is compatible with many 2.5mm 3rd party stereo remote shutter cords. You can use your own cable or purchase a cable from us hereMecha remote shutter cables (LONG). A longer cable is recommended for the dual axis application to ensure the cable does not get tangled.

Essential equipment equipment (not included in the box)
  • Power Supply (It consists of 2 NP-F550 batteries + charger). You can find the Mecha Power Supply here.
  • Long shutter release cable for triggering your camera (see above)


  • 2x Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 Rotator
  • Nodal Ninja Mecha C2 Controller
  • NN3 MK3 rails and parts
  • NN3 MK3 nadir adapter
  • Case
  • Misc.


Weight: 1.43kg (of the entire kit - without case and without spare parts and without batteries)

This kit is a fully functional robotized Nodal Ninja 3 MK3 E1 C2 Mecha. No other parts needed except a camera, batteries and a long shutter release cable mentioned above.

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