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Nodal Ninja Mecha Dual Battery Holder 2-Piece Bottom to Bottom

podle Nodal Ninja
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skladová jednotka F9943

Nodal Ninja dedicated dual battery holder in the new bottom to bottom design that is the default battery holder with F9920 and F9921. It allows the Mecha C2 controller to be mounted facing the user while achieving more compact overall arrangement. 

Main Features

  • Holding 2 pcs of NP-F550 / F750 / F950 in bottom to bottom arrangement
  • Two-piece bottom-to-bottom design, sandwiching the vertical rail.
  • Allows MECHA Controller C2 to be mounted facing user.
  • Linking 2 batteries in series for a 14.4V output.
  • 3A current rating if the batteries support it.
  • DC Plug: 4.0x1.7x9.5mm, center positive.
  • 30cm cable.
  • Two strap slots for fastening to different objects
  • One piece of 22 cm long Velcro straps.

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