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Nodal Ninja Mecha E2 Motor

podle Nodal Ninja
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Původní cena
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Motor E2 motorized rotator for the Nodal Ninja Mecha NN6 system. 

Mecha motors are lightweight, quiet and power efficient. It automates the panning axis of Nodal Ninja heads. Together with accessories sold separately this bundle can form a motorized pan and tilt head for multi-row application. E2 Rotator is designed as the upper or lower rotator for a dedicated dual axis model. A vertical assembly with integrated rotator, controller and power needs to be added to complete the unit. 

Mecha E2 Rotator Features
  • Supports 4kg, including panoramic head, strong enough for dual camera stereo setups
  • Compact and light weight for the load rating
  • Weight 645g
  • Dimensions 126 x 48 x 51 mm

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