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Nodal Ninja NN3 MK3 Vertical Rail and Horizontal Rail Range Extender

podle Nodal Ninja
Původní cena 15.98 € - Původní cena 15.98 €
Původní cena
15.98 €
15.98 € - 15.98 €
Momentální cena 15.98 €
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skladová jednotka F3329
A vertical rail and horizontal rail range extender for NN3 MK3 and NN6. Developed for dual-axis MECHA NN3 MK3 combo, it increases the headroom for lower rail by 25mm and that for vertical rail by 38.5mm. It brings NN3 MK3 upper rotator to the same height as NN6. This greatly expands the range of cameras and accessories that can be mounted on a dual-axis MECHA NN3 MK3 combo. The extra headroom reduces the chance of the camera or the remote cable bumping into the lower rail. 
Use it with caution on NN6. Extra height may cause slight instability and difficulty in packing.

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