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Trisio Lite 2 VR 8K Virtual Tour Camera for Business

podle Trisio
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skladová jednotka TRISIOLITE2
Trisio Lite 2 for Business is an 8k virtual tour camera. It has a high quality single lens and a sophisticated motor with nodeRotate tecnology, precisely capturing indoor and outdoor spaces even with very complex lighting. Just simply press the shutter, you can get perfect 8K 32MP high resolution images, thanks to the latest design anyScene full-scene adaptive imaging system.


- Smartphone app for one-click shooting, preview and auto-stitching
- Download finished images to your phone
- Remote control the Trisio 2 from the range of 20 meters.
- 8k 32 megapixel resolution
- JPEG photo format
- Weight only 150 grams
- Internal batteries included, capacity: 2480 mAh
- Size 147×51×23 mm
- Quick Plug-in for tripod attachment

- Internal storage 8GB (About 300 sets of photos)
- Charing via USB Type-C
- Camera battery life: about 200 minutes (with the battery fully charged at 25℃)
Supported devices: >Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 (memory>2G, internal storage>2G)

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