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Bushman Panoramic That Spike

Původní cena 35.00 € - Původní cena 35.00 €
Původní cena
35.00 €
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Bushman Panoramic That Spike is a 3/8" spacer for Bushman Panoramic Corepoles  that not only extends the distance but also allows the extension of the Corepole's main feature which is allowing you to run your cables through it. Ideal for 360 VR broadcasting.


Best Used With

- Corepole to continue running your cables through That Spike
- Any 3/8" tripod
- Any pole with 3/8" thread


Best Features

- 3/8" threaded male stud on top
- 3/8" threaded female hole at the bottom
- length: 11cm
- fits on Corepole to continue running your cables through it
– 2 red rubber rings for better grip
– 4mm hole to tighten or loosen if necessary
– maximum load (vertical): over 50kg
- maximum load (horizontal): 20kg
- weight: 43g


Optional Accessories (not included)

- Bushman Panoramic Corepole
- 1/4" 
- Little Feet

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