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Nodal Ninja 3 MK2 E1 C2 Mecha + Phone Holder Pro

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skladová jednotka F9920-F0101-2

 A special bundle of Nodal Ninja 3 MK2 E1 C2 Mecha Dual Axis Automated Robotic Head and Nodal Ninja Phone Holder.

This special bundle consists of

The new Mecha bundle includes a dual axis C2 controller and E1 motor for 360° rotation. It supports cameras up to 2 kg and has a turning torque of 16 kg-cm. It is suitable for smartphones, mirror-less, compact, and lighter DSLR cameras with NPP adjustment up to 105mm from pivot point. Ideal for panoramas and high-res gigapixel images.

The smartphone holder is designed for panoramic capture from a Nodal Ninja! Rigid and stable, ensuring reproducible mounting every time on your panoramic head. 

There are three versions of the phone holder available: The Phone Holder Pro includes a variable tilt bracket and fixed vertical headroom presets for the phone. More information here.

Recommended accessory (not included): Lens Alignment Tool

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