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Nodal Ninja Mecha Dual Axis Controller C2

podle Nodal Ninja
Původní cena $82.87 - Původní cena $82.87
Původní cena
$82.87 - $82.87
Momentální cena $82.87
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skladová jednotka F9911

Controller for a dual axis of a Nodal Ninja Mecha panoramic heads.

Mecha Single Axis Controller C2 Features:
  • Supports two Mecha rotator.
  • Compact controller with external battery.
  • WIFI remote control for smartphones, tablets, PCs by using simple web page interface.
  • Supports linking and controlling multiple controllers via WIFI, connection via a wifi access point, over the air firmware upgrade and remote control over the internet.
  • Buttons to run presets stored in the memory, which can be configured via the web page inteface.
  • LCD status display

This is the new Mecha with a dedicated dual axis C2 controller.

Uses 2 NP-F550 batteries.

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