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How to stitch 360° panoramas on a computer (video)

In the previous part of the video panorama shooting tutorial you saw how to shoot spherical panoramas with a DSLR camera and a fisheye lens. Today Florian will show you how to stitch your photos on a computer.

Tip: If you are interested look at how the post-processing your photos should be done before stitching in the Video 360° photography tutorial: How to post-process your photos. You will learn how to adjust white balance, chromatic aberration and so on. If you are just starting with panoramic photography, though, feel free to skip this intermediate part and continue directly to the video below. You can always come back to learning about post-processing later.

Software used:

PTGUI (www.ptgui.com) – It’s a paid software but both Florian and I recommend it very much. This is the software that is used in the video below. As a replacement you can use the Hugin Panorama Stitcher (http://hugin.sourceforge.net/) which is completely free and has similar features. In some of the features it is actually better than PTGUI but in many it is not – and also it is more difficult to learn.

Video 1 – Stitching photos taken without a tripod

Video 2 – Stitching photos taken with a tripod
(this includes a part where it shows you how to erase a tripod)

This article is a part of the Introduction to Effective 360° Photography.

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