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PanoSociety for Google Photographers

Google Street View hotographers with a profile and published work can enjoy immediate discounts at PanoSociety

To start, simply register for an account in our store and then send us an email message with a link to your google profile from email address registered with google to confirm your eligibility for the discount. We will reply with discount code. Discounted orders can only be placed from this email address. 




What is the level of discounts you offer to Google photographers?
- We treat all the photographers the same and they all receive the same fair discount. It is not important if you are a big agency or a solo beginner, the discount is still the same. The discount applies only to the Nodal Ninja gear and exceptions do exist. We don't offer google discounts for software, special sale items, bundles, refurbished, and used products. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount or marketing campaign.

Is the discount valid forever?

- No. The discount is valid as long as you are published in Google. Your delisting might result in order cancellation and deactivation of your discount status.


How long does it take for you to activate the discount?
- We usually respond within tens of minutes or just a few hours during business days or next business day (exceptions can apply).


Is this offer limited to certain countries?
- No, all Google photographers from all countries can apply.


How do I get a discount code?
Upon registering for an account in our store you should send us a message from an address registered with google. We will respond to you with a discount code. You need to use this discount code to get the discounted price.


I'm still beginning with shooting for Google and I'm not published yet. Am I eligible for the discount?
- In general, unfortunately not. Try to send us a message describing your situation in detail, though. We will help you through the process of getting the discount.


I see the same full price after registering. How do I activate my discount?
- All customers see the same full price initially. You should use a discount code that you received during registration. The code should be entered during checkout (when you are entering your shipping address). At this point the order is still non-obligatory so you can take your time to review the final discounted offer before submitting your order.


Can I share my discount code with a friend or colleague?
- Your discount code is intended for Google photographers only. The discount can only be applied from the account for which it was created. What you can do, however, is to purchase equipment for other members of your team.