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Panoramic Heads

Why you should get a panorama head

We only sell tripod heads that were especially designed to take panorama photos. This means you can always adjust them very precisely so that the optical system of your camera and lens rotates around the no-paralax-point (or NPP, sometimes called nodal point). This virtually eliminates parallax geometry error from the final image and thus allowing each photo taken for your panorama to overlap accurately with each other, without typical errors such as movement of closer objects on the background, visible photo stitching seams and disconnected lines and other artifacts. Eliminating all these errors saves a lot of time during post processing of your panoramas.

How To Choose A Panorama Head

 Multi-Row Panorama Heads

Single-Row Panorama Heads


Multi-row heads allow tilting your lens up and down, which can improve quality of zenith and nadir but also allows you to use any lens. This enables shooting of higher or even gigapixel resolution if appropriate lens is used. They range from light and small versions like Nodal Ninja 3 for smaller cameras and lenses, through bigger and stronger Nodal Ninja 4 that are suitable for lenses up to 100mm. Then there are professional top-of-the-line Nodal Ninja Ultimate M (Modular) Series with Arca-Swiss-compatible technology that support heavy cameras and telephoto lenses up to 750+ mm of focal length.
Single-row heads excel in fastest shooing time and unique lightweight design where often 3 or 4 photos are enough to take the whole 360 photo. This is why they are used by many professionals for rapid everyday photoshoots. They are also a recommended DSLR setup for Google Street View. The upper assembly has been replaced with a simple ring that mounts directly to the fisheye lens. The main examples of these heads are Nodal Ninja R10, R20 and Nodal Ninja R1 which allows to change the initial tilt easily.


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