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* The "PanoSociety for Companies Pro" program is intended for companies who have a volume of their orders over 1000 EUR (without VAT) for the past 365 days. If your company is eligible please contact us via email and we will activate the Pro program in your account. Once activated, you will enjoy even larger discounts for all orders for the next 365 days. After the end of this period your Pro status will automatically expire. If you wish to continue using the Pro status send us a reminder message and we will grant you an extension of your Pro status for an additional year if we see you still have order volume over 1000 EUR (without VAT) for the past 365 days.

Note that PanoSociety for Companies Pro discounts DO NOT APPLY to Refurbished and Discontinued products. They do apply to Factory Irregular products.


Trusted by best 360 VR celebrities the field, including:
Stijn Algoet
Florian Frey
Alexandr Reznik
Jann Lipka
Florian Knorn
Michael Kolchesky
Jürgen Schrader
Zeljko Soletic
Susanne Reddig
Klaus Reinfeld
... and thousands of photographers like you.