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PanoSociety Support for Educators

Enjoy priority support and special conditions for purchasing Nodal Ninja gear

Student: Please ask your educator to contact us

Educator: To start send us a message where you describe your educational impact and share your goals and plans and the list of equipment you are planning to purchase (if you already know). If approved we will reply with a discount code and we'll offer priority support for you to achieve your goal. Special payment arrangements, bulk and volume pricing are possible.


What kind of discounts will I get?
- We treat all photographers the same and there is no additional discount available apart from the offered discount. On the other hand we are open to discuss special payment arrangements, bulk and volume pricing, and other kinds of mutually beneficial arrangements and deals so feel free to contact us to start a conversation. We do offer special pricing on software for our customers, and we do have special sales, bundles, refurbished, and used products for bargain pricing. 


Do I have to register to receive your priority support for teachers and students?
Upon contacting us you should send us a message with a proof your edu status, however, a registration is not necessary.


What institutions do you treat as "educational" and what does it mean to be a student or a teacher?
- We reserve a right to decline all requests. In general, students, teachers and at least part-time employees or contractors of all institutions engaged in teaching or educating on subjects of panoramic photography and related fields are eligible. On top of that, we are happy to work with established panoramic photography teachers and contributors to their own websites, social media and other means of teaching.


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