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Trade In Your Old Panorama Head and Get a Brand New Nodal Ninja With Up To 100 EUR Discount

Trade in your old panorama head - Get a brand new Nodal Ninja panorama head - with up to 100 EUR discount

Trade in your old panorama head till the end of August 2017 to get a discount code for your brand new Nodal Ninja panorama head purchase.


  • Send us a message with a photo of your old panorama head, if approved, we will send you instructions on where and how to send it. We will approve most of submissions, but don't send unannounced packages to prevent disappointments and unnecessary shipping costs in cases when we have to reject your submission. We reserve the right to reject any submission without reason.
  • Customers are responsible for all incoming shipping costs, duties, fees, etc. All these and related costs must be paid by customer otherwise your package will be rejected.
  • Your old panorama head can be without case, manuals, without accessories, etc. but it must be fully functional head. If not fully functional we will offer you a 33% of the discount you would get for a fully functional head
  • Your original head doesn't have to be purchased through PanoSociety, and it doesn't have to be a Nodal Ninja, you can use "any" panorama head that allows 360x180 degree photo capture (nadir adapters not required) from a no-parallax point.
  • When we receive your package, we will inspect it and if it contains a panorama head as per these rules, we will send you a discount code which you can use within 3 months to get a discount on your intended purchase.
  • This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts
  • Only one discount can be applied towards a single purchase
  • Maximum 1 discount per person (household)
  • Once a discount expires, it cannot be reinstantiated or renewed and it is gone forever. Discounts can not be traded for cash or for anything else and must be used during a purchase - they cannot be used for a refund.
  • The discount can be only applied to panorama heads listed below. If interested in purchasing something else contact us before sending your old head to discuss.
  • The promo ends at the end of August 2017 and can be cancelled by us any time prematurely without prior notice. If cancelled we will still process and grant pre-approved discounts. Also all discount codes already active will still be valid for the original granted period.

Panorama head Discount with VAT*
Nodal Ninja R10 Series (with any lens ring & rotator)***
20 EUR
Nodal Ninja R1 and R20 Series (with any lens ring & rotator)***
30 EUR
Nodal Ninja 6 Series (with any rotator)** 40 EUR
Nodal Ninja M Series (with any rotator)** 50 EUR
Nodal Ninja M1L (with any rotator)**
60 EUR
Nodal Ninja M2 Series (with any rotator)**
70 EUR
Nodal Ninja M2 Giga + RD8-II rotator**
100 EUR

* Trade in value is stated with VAT. In a case you are eligible for purchases without VAT, the amount wihtout VAT will be calculated as 83% of the amount with VAT. Trade in amounts are subject to change without notice.

** Variants without a rotator are eligible for a 50% of the stated trade in value

*** Variants without a lens ring are eligible for a 66% of the stated trade in value. Variants without a rotator are eligible for a 66% of the state trade in value. Variants without a lens ring AND without a rotator are eligible for 33% of the state trade in value.


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