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Freedom 360 Quick Release Mount Handle

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The Freedom 360 Quick Release Mount Handle expands your grip gear to more than one camera, allowing you to easily swap one for the other.

Do you already have a Freedom 360 Quick Release Mount, but you need another handle because you have more than one camera to manage? This item is for you. 

The Freedom 360 Quick Release provides a a hassle-free connection for your 360 VR camera and tripod or monopod. Based on Nodal Ninja Quick Mount Mini System, custom-modified by Freedom360, to feature 3/8″ hole at the bottom and 3/8" stud screw at the top. Suitable for any size of 360 camera, from small like Theta Z to heavy 360 rigs.

How To Use

Never struggle with attaching your camera to a monopod in the field again! Use the Freedom 360 Quick Release Mount to safely and securely connect your camera to a monopod without any spinning and safety hazard.

The clamp is a custom-modified Nodal Ninja Quick Mount Mini, connects to your monopod with a standard 3/8″ set screw. The handle connects separately to your camera with another 3/8″ set screw. Fit the Adapter into the Quick Mount, tighten the thumb screw, and you’re ready to shoot in seconds.




Weight: 0.12kg
Height: 80mm
Handle Diameter: 28mm
Grip Length: ca 60mm
Threads: 3/8"


Illustrative photos only. Due to the nature of custom manufacturing the appearance and size may slightly change, but the perfect fit&hold is standardized.

This listing includes only the handle in the first picture and not the clamp.