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PanoSociety Support for Google Photographers

Google Street View photographers can purchase ready-made 360 Panoramic Photography equipment from PanoSociety and will enjoy priority support from us and 10 EUR discount

To start a conversation with us simply send us an email message with a link to your google profile from email address registered with google. Feel free to ask any questions on panoramic photography and on how the equipment we sell can help you. We will be happy to offer 10 EUR discount* and to support you through your panoramic photography journey.
* 10 EUR off for orders over 100 EUR without VAT, applies to Nodal Ninja items only


Recommended Equipment

Google R10 and Google R20 (simple and effective 4 shots solutions with favorite lenses, easiest to use)

Nodal Ninja R Series (For fisheye lenses, smallest head, fastest shooting time, use for Google Street View, real estate, telescopic poles)

Nodal Ninja 3 (Entry level versatile panoramic head for smaller cameras and lenses 8-50mm, compact and lightweight, low cost)

Nodal Ninja 6 (Entry to professional level, lenses 8-200mm, supports bigger cameras and lenses, upper rotator has 7.5 degree disengage-able click stops. Ideal for high resolution and HDR professional everyday work.

All Nodal Ninja panoramic heads - The heads we sell were designed for panorama photos and 360 degree virtual tours. If the optical system of your camera and lens rotates around the no-paralax point (or NPP, sometimes called nodal point), it eliminates parallax geometry error from the final stitched image and thus allows each photo taken for your panorama to overlap accuratelywith no visible stitching seams and with accurately connected lines and artifacts. Using a precision panoramic head saves a lot of time during post processing and improves quality of final imagery.


What is the level of discounts you offer to Google photographers?
- We treat all photographers the same and there is no additional discount for Google photographers apart from the 10 EUR, everybody receives the same fair price. It is not important if you are a big agency or a solo beginner, the pricing on PanoSociety is still the same. We do offer special pricing on software for our customers, and we have special sales, bundles, refurbished, and used products for bargain pricing. 


Is this Google offer limited to certain countries?
- No, all Google photographers from all countries can apply.


I'm still beginning with shooting for Google and I'm not published yet. Am I eligible for the priority support?
- Try to send us a message describing your situation and we'll be happy to help as fast as we can. 


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