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Payments Without VAT and PanoSociety for Companies with European VAT ID

Here is how to purchase without paying VAT (Value Added Tax). You are eligible to a purchase without VAT in one of these three scenarios:

Scenario A: Outside EU no VAT is charged
Scenario B: Some special territories in EU (Canaries): no VAT is charged
Scenario C: B2B sale with VAT ID: no VAT is charged

For detailed explanation:

* Scenario A: Sales to outside EU are automatically without VAT (you don't need to do anything). If you are based outside EU single market space your purchase is automatically processed without VAT.

* Scenario B: Sales to special EU territories should be without VAT, but our store cannot detect this automatically. This is the case for Canaries, and some other areas and islands. In that case please register an account in our store email us asking to activate your account for purchases without VAT due to the region. We will check your delivery address in the EU register of regions

Scenario C: B2B Sale to a business inside EU with valid VAT ID

  1. Register an account with our shop and email us with your billing information from the same email address as the registered account
  2. We exclusively use European VIES for verification of your registration - Note that your billing address, payment source address and shipping address must always match otherwise we might cancel your order. You must be a business registered in EU for VAT. Please check your VAT ID in this registry before contacting us. In specific cases we might require additional documentation from you. The final invoice will be issued in the reverse charge mode (without VAT).
  3. If everything is ok, we approve your account (this verification happens quickly)
  4. Then proceed with your order as usual, our system will not add VAT
  5. You can use any payment method
  6. Your order will be processed as any other order :)

Our billing and VAT information that will appear on the invoice can be found in Contact page. Note that we are based in Czechia so purchases from within Czechia will always include VAT but you can claim the VAT later at the tax office.

Note that if you contact us with information that you shouldn't be charged VAT after the payment we will be able to refund you the VAT amount only if you agree to pay a 5% administrative fee of the original payment amount which covers our credit card refund and government reporting costsIn that case you must contact us immediately (within the same business day) after the payment. No VAT refund shall be offered if you contact us later.