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PanoSociety Plan for Students and Education

Enjoy immediate discounts for Nodal Ninja gear

To start, simply register for an account and then send us an email message with your educational status information. 
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Is this offer limited to certain countries?
- No, all students, teachers and edu workers from all countries can apply.


What kind of discounts will I get?
- All eligible customers receive the same level discount for Nodal Ninja gear. There are some products for which we don't offer any discount: these include special bundles, refurbished and used products. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount or marketing campaign.


How do I register for these edu discounts?
Upon registering you should send us a message with a proof your edu status. We manually review your application and then respond with a confirmation of your edu status, along with discount codes you can use during checkout to apply for the discounted price.


What institutions do you treat as "educational"?
- We reserve a right to decline all requests. In general, students, teachers and at least half-time employees of all institutions in which being a student or teacher makes you eligible to get an ISIC/ITIC international card are eligible for our edu discount. On top of that, we are also open to discuss (not automatically grant) discounts for established panoramic photography teachers and contributors to sites like Skillshare etc.


I see the same price after registering. What's wrong?
- All customers see the same price initially. You should use a discount code that you received during registration to get your edu discount. The code should be entered during checkout (when you are entering your shipping address).


Can I share my discount code with a friend?
- All orders with educational discount must be created from an account registered and verified for edu status by us. Orders from customers that are not registered will be subject to manual educational status review as if you registered for the first time which might delay your order.