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How To Shoot a 360 spherical video using Autopano Video 2

The new final version of Autopano Video 2 is out and with it there are some new cool features for creating your 360 degree videos. If you are new to this field start with this introductory video:

New features in Autopano Video 2:

Export to Youtube

The Autopano Video now supports exporting to the new 360 degree video player on Youtube.

Director’s cut mode

All Autopano output projections can be smoothly interpolated from one to another, including fisheye, inner world and little planet modes. Allowing you to create a great director’s cut version of your video.

Adaptive stitching

All 360 videos have an invevitable parallax error due to the nature of video capturing systems. This new feature shows control points status in real time as you preview the video and also adapts to this error frame by frame, allowing to minimize the visible impact of a stitching error for a particular scene. 

Range stitching

The range stitching is specially designed for scenes with not enough details or low contrast to create reliable control points such as underwater and the like. 

Autopano Video 2 can be purchase through our shop. If you have any questions for choosing the best software or equipment let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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