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New: Saturday's Photo Walks in Prague For Free From Now On

Do you love taking photos? Join the Saturday’s photo walks in Prague, Czech Republic. A group of photography enthusiasts sets out to the streets to click their shutters together. Everybody can attend for free.

Beginners, professionals as well as their families are welcome. If you have an interesting photo taking equipment definitely bring it along! There are no requirements for attendees. All you have to have is the courage to take some photos. 

Starting in April 2012 the regular photo walks which I used to organize exclusively for participants of my paid workshops, will now be completely free for everybody. On top of that they will be organized in a way that everybody can come and join our group of photographers and start taking pictures with us. 

I’ve moved my Saturday’s 360º panoramic photography workshops from afternoons to mornings. This enables me to fully attend all my workshop participants’ needs before 2pm and then to join the photo walk with them.

The first upcoming photo walk takes place on April 7, 2012 at 2pm. The meeting place for this date is the upper part of the Malostranska metro station in Prague, at the street level. Let me know if you are planning to attend or simply show up. I’m looking forward to photo walking with you!

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