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Video 360° photography tutorial: How to post-process your photos

I just love these videos made by +Florian Knorn (the author of for their simplicity and usefulness. The following video will show you how to process your photos taken in the part 1 of the tutorial (part 1 here: before we’ll start stitching them together. You can definitely skip this part and continue with the next video if you don’t want to lose time but if you will follow all the steps mentioned in this video it will surely increase the quality of your panoramas.

Main steps and techniques:

1. White balance is necessary for all photos to have the same color and to avoid visible seams between photos. You can read more about white balance in my How To Work With White Balance article.

2. Setting the chromatic abberation corrections which fixes when photos don’t overlap around the edges of your photo

The tool used in this video is Adobe Lightroom but you can also use any other tool for developing raw files.

After watching you can go back to the Introduction to Effective 360° Panoramic Photography.

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