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Video tutorial: How to shoot a spherical panorama without a visible tripod

In the following video +Florian Knorn (you should definitely add him on Google+ and follow his website shows three shooting techniques that produce fully spherical panoramas with a 360° view all around you with a possibility to look fully up and down.

Florian manages to do that in a way that even though he uses a tripod and string there is no tripod visible in the final panorama – not even photographer’s legs :)

The three techniques are:

1. Fullframe DSLR camera with a fisheye 8mm lens
(in this case you need four shots around you – notice that florian turns the camera slightly up and down within the different shots – that’s very useful for removing stitching artefacts at zenith (up) and nadir (down) of the panorama.

2. Crop factor DSLR camera with a fisheye 8mm lens
(in this case Florian takes 6 photos – four around and one up and one down)

3. Taking photos with a tripod in a case you need a longer exposure
(even in this case the tripod will not be seen in the final panorama – all you have to do is to take one extra down photo from the side and then use a “viewpoint correction” feature in PTGUI)

This article is a part of the Introduction to Effective 360° Panoramic Photography.


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