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Update July 2021: We are 100% operational, and we ship orders every day.  The shipping carries are slowly returning to normal operations which means more reliable deliveries throughout the Europe and wordwide. Thank you all customers who has been with us during these difficult times, and thank you for your never-ending support!


Update March 2021: WE STILL REMAIN FULLY OPERATIONAL AND WE SHIP ORDERS EVERY DAY. WE ARE SAFE. WE ARE OPEN.  We haven't had a case of Covid-19 in the company (that we know of). All shipping methods we offer are tested and functional.


Update February 2021: We wear respirators (FFP2) and practice team separation (office/CEO, warehouse, customer service teams are separate) and of course distance and disinfection/washing of hands and surfaces. All members of the team are either covid-19 tested as negative or work remotely. All shipping methods we offer are tested and functional.


Update September 2020: We follow all heath precautions in our warehouse, wear face masks, clean packages upon their restock arrival and before shipping, and we are practicing remote work and split teams as much as possible. We monitor current shipping advisories to each destination we support each day. Before we ship your order we check the advisories again to make sure your order arrives well. We strongly advise to use UPS as a shipping method for your order these days.


Update March 2020: As you are no doubt aware the widespread measures to delay the spread of the coronavirus will inevitably have a major impact on daily personal and business life in Europe for weeks and perhaps months to come. We would like to reassure all our customers that PanoSociety will be processing orders as normally as possible during this period. Orders that can be placed can also be dispatched within promised times. For the latest up-to-date information regarding our operations, please refer to this message, which will be updated if there are any changes. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay safe!

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