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Nodal Ninja Quick Release Plate 2

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UGC F2201

When used with Fanotec's dedicated Quick Release Clamp 2 (QRC2), this low profile Quick Release Plate allows your camera to be taken on and off quickly while maintaining a reproducible position on Nodal Ninja pano heads. The plate mounts to the base of your camera. Incorporated into the plate is a 15mm offset for battery grips (as with some Canon Grips) where the tripod mount is not centered with the barrel of the lens.

Will not fit Manfrotto or Gitzo clamps.


Material: Aluminum with cork baseMeasures: 2.4" x 1.9"x .4" (61mm x 47.4mm x 10.5mm)
Thread mount: 1/4 inch slotted screw
Offset: 0-15mm

See also: Quick Release Clamp 2 and Quick Release System 2.

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