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Arca-Swiss Style Quick Release Clamp

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SKU F2105

The low profile Arca-Swiss Style Clamp is compatible with the Arca-Swiss style systems. Can be used with any Arca-Swiss Style plate. If you are purchasing this clamp for your panorama head make sure you verify that you have at least 13mm of spare space on your horizontal lower rail of your panorama head, otherwise it will be impossible to compensate for the no-parallax-point offset caused by this clamp. This is usually the case for users of Nodal Ninja 3 MKII with bigger DSLRs.

Note: NOT COMPATIBLE with NN3 MK3, NN6 and Nodal Ninja M Series Heads because they use a different design of rails.

Note: Cannot be used without a plate. You either need to have a plate already or buy one from our offer.

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