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Nodal Ninja 6 P1 C2 Mecha with Nadir Adapter - Dual Axis Robotic Panoramic Head

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This is the new Mecha with a dedicated dual axis C2 controller and E2 powerful rotator as the upper rotator and the new Mecha P1 motor as the lower rotator.

A heavy duty and affordable "dual-axis" pan tilt head solution for full size DSLRs and lenses. We use some parts from NN6, Mecha E2 as lower and upper rotators, together with C2 Controller and a battery holder which also acts as a vertical extenderThis combo has the P1 as lower rotator. P1 is more quiet than E2 and has little backlash. It is more sturdy but it is heavier by 300g compared to the E2 version.

The display can guide you through all the major operations and settings, making C2 much more intuitive than the single axis C1 controller with LED indicators only.
The use of external battery means you can carry spare batteries and quickly recharge the Mecha before or during a shooting section.

A power cable splitter (optional) is available for using 2 sets of batteries at the same time for extended operation and / or changing batteries without a pause.

This setup supports a camera/lens up to 3.5 kg and NPP up to 145mm from the pivot point making it ideal for mirror-less, and full size DSLR cameras. Shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images.
Max height of lens axis from camera base supported is 76.5mm.

Weight without battery and case: 2.36kg (5.2 lb).


Important: Long Remote Shutter Release Cable (not included)

The cable ensures camera triggering and focus lock. Any camera supporting a wired remote shutter release cable is compatible with MECHA. The CAM port on the Mecha is compatible with many 2.5mm 3rd party stereo remote shutter cords. You can use your own cable or purchase a cable from us hereMecha remote shutter cables (LONG). A longer cable is recommended for the dual axis application to ensure the cable does not get tangled.


Essential equipment equipment (not included)
  • Batteries / Power Supply (It consists of 2 NP-F550 batteries + charger). You can find the Mecha Power Supply here.
  • Long shutter release cable is essential to trigger the camera (see above)
Package Includes:
  • Nodal Ninja Mecha E2 Rotator for upper rotator
  • Nodal Ninja Mecha P1 Rotator for lower rotator
  • Nodal Ninja Mecha C2 Controller
  • NN6 rails (vertical, horizontal, upper; assembled)
  • NN6 nadir adapter
  • NN6 camera plate
  • Case
  • Misc.


Weight: 2.36kg (of the entire kit - without case and without spare parts and without batteries)

This kit is a fully functional robotized Nodal Ninja 6 P1 E2 C2 Mecha. No other parts needed except a camera, batteries and a long shutter release cable mentioned above. Illustrative photos with a camera and batteries which are not included.

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