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Bushman Panoramic Little Feet

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Little Feet are three dedicated black aluminum legs for Bushman Panoramic VR poles. Designed with Corepoles in mind. Features 3/8" standard threads for attachment. Can be used as 65cm extensions with 3/8" threads on each side.


Main Features

- 3 legs, 3 sections each
- contracted length: 18cm
- extended length: 38cm
- tube diameters: 20mm, 23mm, 26mm
- top: male 3/8" threaded stud
- bottom: female 3/8" threaded hole
- weight 167g


Package Contains

- 3 units (3 legs) per package


Optional Accessories (not included)

- Bushman Panoramic Corepole
- Bushman Panoramic Corelite
- 3/8" threaded spikes