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Custom Universal Handmade Stop Plate for Any Nodal Ninja Lens Ring (produced on demand, this item adds about 7 business days to order processing time)

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Custom Universal Handmade Stop Plate that fits any Nodal Ninja Lens Ring with the Lens Ring bottom plate. Proudly and exclusively created in Panosociety offices in Prague. We are the only Nodal Ninja authorized reseller in the world who creates these plates.

Important: After ordering this item, contact us with two pieces of information:
1. Your panorama head (exact type), For example: R20 GTP. If you are not 100% sure, send us a photo, we will help.
2. Your desired no-parallax-point shift on your head. For example: 1.4cm. If you don't know this number, take a photo of your setup and we will help you to determine the number.

Without these two pieces of information we cannot build a custom plate. Note: We WILL NOT create a plate based on information about your workflow. We can't create a number from that information. We need to know the exact number you desire.


Why this product?

Let's say you have a lens ring from Nodal Ninja. Each time you attach it to your panorama head you need to check if the shift in the panohead clamp is correct to ensure a good no-parallax point calibration. Not any more! You can get this custom handmade plate and snap it to the hole from the bottom of your lens ring plate. It will leverage the security pin on your R1/R10/R20 head and will auto-calibrate the lens ring each time you attach it.



These custom stop plates are compatible with Nodal Ninja R1, R10 or R20 heads which have a security pin that can snap into the hole in the stop plate.

We support LRP35, LRP35S, LRP40, LRP45, LRP45X, LRP45X2, LRP50, LRP70. We have a set of "blank" plates in which we drill a hole according to your needs.

You can ask for compatibility with any Nodal Ninja lens ring.

You can ask for any no-parallax point shift (within physical limits of the plate).

PHOTOS ARE ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY. You will get a proper shape to match your lens ring and panohead.


Note to Google photographers

Note that for all Google packages we sell you already get a dedicated plate for free. This plate is for non-google and custom setups and for all the other lens rings in the Nodal Ninja product line.



Order cancellations are accepted only before we start making a custom plate. Once we start making the custom plate the material and work has already been spent and no refunds are possible. This item is custom hand made. No refunds and no returns if you change your mind or if you don't like the product after you receive it. Full refund or free replacement is of course offered if we make an error or if product is faulty. 



Please allow some production time after we have all necessary information from you. So if we are missing some information directly in the order we will contact you and after you provide the information, we will tell you the estimated production time. Usually we can finish these custom plates in a week or so from the date of when we receive information.

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