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Freedom 360 Stick+ Combo (Tripod + Weights + Long Pole + Quick Release)

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The Freedom 360 Stick+ Combo is the most versatile and the most reliable tripod combo for 360 VR cameras in the PanoSociety store offering. It consists of the Freedom 360 Carbon Fiber Long Monopod Pole, Freedom 360 Heavy Duty Ball Tripod, a Quick Release Mount with handle and 1.5kg stackable weights. One stop shop for your rigging needs.

The Freedom 360 Stick+ is the result of years of experience in 360 VR / video productions during which you have to be quick to capture the scene around you. No matter if you need to plop down the camera in the middle of the stage, or place it between some rocks, the Freedom 360 Stick+ has got you covered.

The gear can be trusted to hold your expensive payload vertically as well as horizontally. It can easily as all common 360 photo and video cameras even the bigger ones. It is something you can bury in the ground to make your nadir patching easier, or place under water. All parts can be easily washed and cleaned, for a long service life. Unlike traditional photo monopods, we recommend attaching the camera to the “thin” end of the pole, since most of the bending forces will act upon the thick end on the bottom. The Freedom 360 Stick+ is an essential part of everyday 360 VR / video production.


Items included

- Freedom 360 Heavy-Duty Ball Tripod with 3/8" connectors (max load > 20kg)
- Freedom 360 Long Carbon Fiber Monopod Pole (max 180cm)
- Quick Release Mount with Handle
Set of three 0.5kg stackable weights, black-anodized aluminum for a total of 1.5kg

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Safety notes

Freedom 360 Carbon Fiber Poles conduct electricity very well. Please take extreme caution when raising and using these poles around electrical wires. 


Horizontal Use

Horizontal and tilted use is at your own risk and always use with caution. Holding the pole tilted and/or horizontally lowers the maximum load capacity. In a case of usage that is not fully vertical never extend a segment all the way. Always leave at least 5cm “in the tube” for each segment, the more the better. Even if your 360 camera is very light (about 0.5 kg), additional forces can still break the carbon fiber or the components connected to the carbon fiber. Use good safety practices, including safety cables, especially if you rig the rig above crowds. Inspect your monopod, and discard it if you think the CF integrity has become compromised.


Legal Disclaimer

We are in no way responsible for unsafe practices when using this monopod, or should the monopod become damaged or break for whatever reason. Use at your own risk.



Some photos are illustrative only. Camera and accessories not mentioned in this listing are not included.


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