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Kolor Neutralhazer (sold out)

por Kolor
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Neutralhazer software can remove haze from your landscape photos. The way this is done is that the software creates a depth map of your photo, which detects the distance of each pixel from the camera. The more the distance of the pixel, the more haze is assumed. Then the software automatically removes haze in the background, without altering the quality of the foreground. All that allows you to quickly and effortlessly return all colors that your photos deserve.


Kolor Neutralhazer is a plugin for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and can not be used alone. For proper operation it is necessary to own one of these programs.


Distribution Email - Your will receive your license code to the address you enter when you submit your order
1 - You can install the license on a single workstation only. If you are, however, a private person (conducting business or not) you can install the license on up to three of your computers provided that they will only be used by yourself.

The license code is the same for Mac, Windows and Linux. If you are changing your computer simply activate the same license on your new computer.



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