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Nikon Bluetooth Camera Trigger for Nodal Ninja Mecha

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This is a modified Nikon Bluetooth remote for Nikon, with focus and shutter release buttons brought out to a 2.5mm 3 pole socket. It can be connected to MECHA CAM port via a 2.5mm shutter cable. Without the cable, it works the same as the unmodified remote.

Adolean BT remote modified for use with MECHA.
A 2.5mm to 2.5mm cable, eg F9980-1, is also needed for the connection.


Pls Make sure it's compatible with your camera, because it doesn't work on all cameras.
Illustrative photo only.

Special order only. It is custom modified on demand to accommodate incoming cable connection to be able to trigger the camera from the Mecha. The factory warranty is limited to 3 months.

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