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Nodal Ninja Rotator Mini V1

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IMPORTANT: Select Your Rotator Mini Click Stops
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Rotator Mini for Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1/R10 Series panoramic heads.

Rotator Mini V1 is being discontinued. New version is the V2 Rotator Mini and its V2 detent rings. It is worth noting that the V1 detent rings also work on the new rotator mini V2 in which case the Rotator Mini functions as if was the old version V1. V2 detent rings can also be used on old Rotator Mini V1.

Features and Highlights

  • Compact and lightweight
  • 46mm diameter and only 88g
  • Smooth rotation with lubricated bearings
  • Interchangeable detent ring (buy separately to change detent interval)
  • Rotator lock for use on pole (use the attached hex key to lock)

Available click stop variants (1 click stop interval per rotator) 

  • 90 degree (4 stops per 360 degrees) - F1201
  • 60 degree (6 stops) - F1202
  • 45 degree (8 stops) - F1208 
  • 36 degree (10 stops) - F1204
  • 30 degree (12 stops) - F1205

You need to select one of the options during purchase but if you later need to change the detent interval of your Rotator Mini, simply get one of the Rotator Mini replacement rings for a fraction of the price of the new rotator!

Rotator Mini is compatible with Nodal Ninja RS 1, Ultimate R1/10, Fanotec Foot Plate.
NOT compatible with Nodal Ninja series 3/4/5, Ultimate M1, Tripod Adapters or the Quick Mount Mini.

Guides and Manuals

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 Rotator Mini