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New Product: Custom Universal Handmade Stop Plate for Any Lens Ring

New Product: Custom Universal Handmade Stop Plate for Any Lens Ring

Today we are introducing a new Custom Universal Handmade Stop plate for Any Lens Ring. Let's say you have a lens ring from Nodal Ninja. Each time you attach it to your panorama head you need to check if the shift in the panohead clamp is correct to ensure a good no-parallax point calibration. Not any more!

You can get this custom handmade plate and snap it to the hole from the bottom of your lens ring plate. It will leverage the security pin on your R1/R10/R20 head and will auto-calibrate the lens ring each time you attach it.

These plates are manufactured here in our offices in Prague, Czech Republic, and we ship them worldwide. We are the only Nodal Ninja authorized reseller in the world who creates these plates.

This is how your custom plate can look like (example only):


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