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Bushman Panoramic Popeye

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39.00 €
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Powerful magnetic base for holding photo accessories on metal surfaces. Covered with black rubber to protect the metal from scratches. It features a 1/4" male threaded stud at the top.

Ideal for holding consumer 360 cameras on Bushman Panoramic Monopod V2.

Main Features

- pull force up to 45kg
- tested for the length of Bushman Monopod V2 and Theta and similar cameras
- weight 260g
- diameter 90mm
- maximum temperature 75°C

Note that the magnetic pull force depends on the material of the mounting surface. Always test the pull force before letting go of the equipment. Never leave your camera unattended. 

A piece of cloth or fabric (not included) may be used between the Popeye and the mounting surface for extra protection of the mounting surface if extra sensitive.

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