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Freedom 360 Heavy-Duty Ball Tripod

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The Freedom 360 is the king of small tripods. The main component is the aluminium hemisphere with 14 different 3/8" female connectors to allow for a wide variety of configurations and usage scenarios. The main body is produced by Novoflex in Germany, exclusively for Freedom360.

The tripod legs are heavy-duty aluminium and can be attached at three different angles with wide, medium and small footprint options. You can even choose a different angle for each leg to compensate for uneven terrain. The legs come with rubber ball feet that are held in place using a 3/8" set screw and therefore the balls can be detached. In addition there are three 90º holes at the equator to give you even more options to connect gear. The monopod (or weights) attach at the center of the hemisphere.

All aluminium parts are black anodized, and all setscrews are stainless steel, making the assembly quite corrosion resistant.

Usage Scenario

Use this Freedom 360 Heavy-Duty Ball Tripod as base, attach 3 stackable weights between the tripod and the monopod (Freedom 360 Long or Short Monopod, or Nodal Ninja Travel Pole) then attach your 360 system on top.


Alternate Usage Scenario

Alternate use (for traditional pole photography): place stackable weight on top of the tripod, attach a Nodal Ninja Rotator on top, then attach a pole (i.e. the Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2), and place your camera on top. With care and attention, 6m height is possible. Use your gear responsibly, we are not responsible for any damage caused.


Items included in this listing

  • Freedom 360 Heavy-Duty Alumimium Base
  • Freedom 360 3x aluminium tripod legs with removable rubber ball feet
  • 3/8" set screws to connect legs with base and legs
  • 3x rubber ball legs with 3/8" threaded hole



  • Height with regular setup:
    • wide: 5.8 cm (2.3 inch)
    • medium: 14 cm (5.5 inch)
    • small: 20.4 cm (8 inch)
  • Weight of the Freedom 360 Basic Ball (the base): 177 gr (6.2 oz)
  • Diameter of the base: 6 cm (2.4 inch)
  • Length of one tripod leg without foot: 16.5 cm (6.5 inch)
  • Diameter of rubber ball foot: 3 cm (1.2 inch)
  • Total weight: 585 gr (1lbs 5oz)
  • Estimated payload: >20kg
  • 14 different 3/8"-20 holes, female connectors to do any setup you need:
    • 9 to use the F360 Basic Ball Tripod as regular tripod with wide, medium and small footprint
    • 1 at the center of the hemisphere to attach the monopod and weights
    • 1 at the bottom of the ball to use with only one leg
    • 3 at the equator to use the F360 Basic Ball in other configurations i.e. with super clamps


Some photos are illustrative only, stackable weights and pole not included.