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Nodal Ninja Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole

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This Tripod Adapter is designed to work exclusively with the Travel Pole.

Functionality, manuals, and how it looks is very similar to Tripod Adapter for Pole Series 1 and 2. The complete tripod adapter consists of the upper F7307 and lower F7308 part. You will need both parts for the tripod adapter to work properly. Poles need two joint points and the adapter spreads the bending torque over the length of the distance between upper and lower parts, greatly reducing the torque at the tripod top disk, rotator and pole base.

The lower part lamps onto the tripod's central column. Multiple plastic fittings are provided in the package for free to accommodate various tripod center column widths. 

Hole diameter in the lower part: 32mm. Fits 32mm tripod columns. Includes inserts to fit 25,26 and 28mm tripod columns as well. 

Hole diameter in the upper part: 24mm. Fits the end segment of the Travel Pole.

Distance from the center of column to the center of pole: 60 mm

For other tripod adapters please review our Ultimate Map of Nodal Ninja Tripod Adapters.